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Gameplay When compared to other dungeon crawlers in the genre of action role-playing games, ZombiU is a straightforward, linear game. ZombiU is a single-player game and the only way to progress through the story is to complete objectives that are given in the form of scripted missions to complete. The game's survival gameplay revolves around completing objectives with a limited amount of resources, to earn more of them to progress, with the primary focus being on stealth. As of April 2012, the story mode has been completed. Plot Story The player assumes the role of Adam, a college student from Northern England living in London, who becomes the zombie apocalypse survivor after returning from a party. Upon waking, the player must guide Adam to his parents' house to report that he is alive. Upon reaching his parents' house, Adam reports his survival to the police, who take him to an apartment in the fictional city of Whitechapel, where he discovers his parents' body and that his sister, Leanne, has been abducted by a gang of zombies. After the police depart, Adam visits the apartment to look for Leanne, where he discovers that her abductors have her at a secret laboratory run by Doctor Mordini. After battling through a horde of zombies, Adam rescues Leanne and the two of them escape to a subway, where they board a train to reach the nearest gas station. Along the way, they encounter a group of cannibalistic zombies and are forced to battle them while making their way to safety. Upon reaching the gas station, Adam and Leanne are met by two survivors, Lisa and David. Lisa persuades Adam to use a cell phone to call the police, who take the group to an apartment in Central London. There, Lisa leaves the group to find her father, a soldier in the British army, who she has been waiting for. While searching for her father, Lisa is shot by a gang of zombies, and she and David retreat to an apartment to hide. Lisa begs Adam to help her find her father, while David reveals that the zombies are looking for a doctor and that he has a plan to draw the zombies away from the apartment in order to save Leanne. The plan fails, and Lisa is killed. A distraught Adam breaks down and returns to the subway station, where he sees Dr. Mordini and his zombie army marching towards the subway. While killing the zombies, Adam finds a rocket launcher at the station and manages to




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